THE appeal made by Kelty lady, Barbara Boyd, to people to check their mouths for signs of mouth cancer is a very significant one.

Of the various types of cancer that can strike people down it is not one which is as well publicised as the likes of bowel or breast cancer.

But it is one which can have a devastating affect on people and families. I had a friend who found a boil in his mouth which became sore.

After a time he decided to go to the dentist. Unbelievably within three months he was dead.

It was a prolific mouth cancer which literally consumed his mouth and then face.

He had gone relatively quickly to get it investigated but it had taken over.

Barbara's message is one that is worth taking on board. If you find something unusual anywhere in your mouth or tongue get it seen to.

Delaying a couple of days could be crucial. Like any cancer mouth cancer needs to be detected quickly and treatment begin as soon as possible.

That can be so important in helping the patient, like Barbara, make a full recovery.

She has not had an easy path back to normal life but it is one that has been achieved and she has made it clear that without the timely detection things could have been so different.

Remember if you find anything unusual in your mouth get it checked out ASAP.