'I WOULD want to begin by paying tribute to all the people in the area who give up their time to support the vast amount of community events, gala’s, entertainment and leisure, and work so hard to enhance the local environments, all of which makes summer in Central Fife a better place.

Also, a big shout for everyone who helped at the community food cafés which ran across the area during the school holidays and fed hundreds of kids each day, well done. Our communities are all the stronger for all the time and effort people give.

My office has been inundated with people expressing their concerns about the ongoing situation at Mossmorran and there is a very real and genuine fear about the safety of this plant in the communities surrounding it.

In June, I wrote to the Health and Safety Executive asking them to publish the detail of their investigations into the site. They said that an active investigation was continuing and that to protect the integrity of this investigation they had to restrict the release of information. I have had many engagements with the Cabinet Secretary about what I think the Scottish Government should be doing and whilst they have started to take the whole issue more serious, we have some way to go.

A key question that must be answered is why does this site keep breaking down with the breakdowns becoming more frequent.

The companies' claim it is still a relatively new site and that major refurbishment has taken place, but the continued breakdowns do not support this view so what condition is this site in?

Fife Council asked the Scottish Government to conduct a review of the impact of Mossmorran on the surrounding communities but to date they have hidden behind SEPA.

So what is the impact on physical and mental health? From the public meeting I attended in Lochgelly Town Hall there were many people and community councils who gave very real and frightening accounts of such impacts on health and wellbeing.

Fife Council also raised the question of compensation. These companies have been fined millions of pounds for breaches at the plant and not a penny of it came to the surrounding communities and the council also want consideration of compensation for the impact on health and wellbeing. Ministers need to stop hiding and step up to get these issues addressed'.