THE Crossgates Village Park Group should be congratulated on having the enthusiasm and drive to try and make things better in the village.

Their plans to improve the Humbug Park area are impressive as these could give the village an excellent sports facility.

But the residents who are worried about losing the School View public park to the plans are right to air their concerns.

Park facilities are limited in the village and for decades School View has been the unofficial public park of Crossgates.

So it is understandable that residents would be worried that any new facilities could see the this facility disappear, especially when it is considered that the annual gala has always ended up there and without it the question would be raised, could the gala continue.

CVP emphatically say that their ideas are all about improving facilities for Crossgates people and they want to take the villagers with them in everything they do.

At the end of the day they say that they will be guided by the feedback from the consultation process currently ongoing in the village.

It really is a key moment in the village's history and the results of the consultation will be very interesting indeed.