THE heart warming story about Bailie Connelly really underlined the community solidarity there is in Benarty.

Bailie and her little daughter Kaylin, found themselves without their home when a fire swept through their Cleikimin Crescent house, in Ballingry, while she was on a camping break.

While she was relieved to have not been in the house when the fire occurred, then the problems that the situation had caused, hit her.

She had lost a lot of clothes, as had Kaylin, and there was also the loss of furniture items. Where would she stay?

But she was overwhelmed by the response of the people of the four villages and beyond.

Her gran and aunt played their part and using the assistance of social media certainly helped get the reaction which has seen what at one stage was a hopeless position, look much less hapless.

Bailie is a very nice young lady and has ensured that she has visited people personally to thank them for their support and her plight has shown that the community spirit of Benarty is a very strong thing that can make difficult times seem that much better.