IT was good news that Fife Council are to create some extra parking spaces to serve the Care Village project in Lumphinnans.

The problems that inadequate parking for the 60 residents residential home, and 30 flat sheltered housing complex attached to it, have had a major impact on Cedar Crescent and Sycamore Crescent in the village.

Parking on pavements has become the norm with the problems caused for the likes of bin lorries quite significant.

And for pedestrians, especially young mums with baby buggies, it has made the pavements at times almost impassable.

Having 90 residents at the complex means that provision for visitors' parking need to be significant and of course such a facility has a large staff which also have to be catered for.

What was provided in the way of car parking was simply not enough and led to the problems local councillor Alex Campbell and the village community council highlighted.

To be fair to the community council members, they did air their concerns on this at the planning stage but still the provision was inadequate.

The nine spaces to be provided is not a massive number but it is better than the current situation and hopefully, in the fullness of time, more spaces will come along to consign parking on the pavements to the history books.