'IT is a real shame to see that promises made by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) about Dunfermline’s driving test centre have not been delivered. Since the closure of the original site at Pitreavie Drive representatives from the body promised instructors that when the new premises at the Vine Centre opened there would be a reduction in the number of days (from five to three), but there would be no reduction in service as three examiners would be working at the centre.

Not long after these promises were made had they been broken. I received a number of complaints from driving instructors that it was a rarity that there would be three examiners working from the centre, with some finding there has only been two and sometimes just one examiner. The result of this has been astronomical waiting times and examiners being forced to take a gamble on their students’ readiness to take a test months in advance.

I have stressed it before and will again, this is no fault of the Vine Centre. Management there have been extremely generous in allowing the DVSA to use its facilities for free. This is entirely the fault of the DVSA, so I have written to them to arrange a meeting with its operations manager. Plus, I have launched a petition which is in the Vine Centre and the Dunfermline Advice Hub which anyone can sign which urges the UK Government to ensure there is a fit-for-purpose driving test centre in Dunfermline. The last thing I want to see is the service being moved to Kirkcaldy.

Scottish Water in Dunfermline.

I was delighted to welcome representatives from Scottish Water at Westminster recently. The organisation employs around 200 people in its Dunfermline HQ and thousands across Scotland. It was interesting for me to hear how Scottish Water continues to invest in infrastructure in towns and cities across the country. We must work together with Scottish Water to reduce the amount of water we waste and follow advice such as taking a shower rather than a bath, turning off the tap whilst we brush our teeth and many other measures. I also hope Scottish Water continues to invest in Dunfermline and take advantage of the fantastic talent on offer here.

Summer Surgeries.

I will be holding a number of surgeries in the Dunfermline and West Fife area. I look forward to listening to my constituents and would welcome anyone to come along. To find out more on where I will be and when, please visit my Facebook page.'