THE concern expressed by Cowdenbeath councillor Darren Watt about the delay in getting pedestrian crossing on the town's High Street into action is very fair.

Way back, almost 30 years ago, the A92 East Fife Regional Road was opened and it was claimed then that this dual carriageway would greatly reduce the strain on the High Street and Main Street, in Lochgelly.

It may have done that initially but as time has gone on these streets have got busier and busier and at times the High Street is packed with traffic of all shapes and sizes and the story is the same in Bank Street, Lochgelly.

So to have a reduced level of crossing facilities on Cowdenbeath High Street is indeed a problem as at times during any week day it can be a really difficult thoroughfare to get across.

How this can be overcome has to be through to the use of the special crossings but a wait for parts for the couple of them out of action posed the issue that concerned Mr Watt.

Hopefully the new crossings will help in making life easier for pedestrians on Cowdenbeath High Street but the volume of traffic is not going to get less.

The main roads through the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area are going to get more and more crowded and it is perhaps something that the authorities should be looking at.

But there is no easy answer. The volume of traffic is not going to reduce so it is going to be something that will give Fife Council's transportation department some difficult questions to answer and leave local councillors with big concerns.

The B920, which links Lochgelly with Kinrosshire, is another road which has got busier and busier and has its own issues.

What is certain is that Cowdenbeath High Street and Main Street and Bank Street in Lochgelly are going to continue to be very difficult to cross which makes drivers keeping to speed limits an even more important factor.