BEATH High rector Steven Ross is earnest in his beliefs that poor report from the School Inspectors released in April can be turned around.

And his work over the past nine months in carrying out the massive consultation exercise has certainly given him a huge bank of information which can be tapped into.

The rector's beliefs that the Beath Pathway to Work has to be spot-on in giving the youngsters the appropriate tools when they leave schools to get the job they want is so necessary and like Lochgelly High's Employability guru Ray Fernie before him, working closely with the local employers can bring huge dividends.

The plan to greatly expand the curriculum will also give the Beath community the opportunity to challenge themselves to reach their goals and enjoy the process.

A whole range of issues have been able to be tackled through the results of the consultation but, of course, at the end of the day it will be all about the results produced by the pupils that will be the important issue.

However, with the staff and pupils both being motivated by the changes being made through the consultation the school will ready to make the 2019-2020 session a really impressive one.