SPEED limits throughout the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area are being ignored by too many drivers.

The 20mph zones around schools are a particular target for many motorists to ignore but it is happening on every stretch of road in all of our communities.

That is why the Times is delighted to be part of the anti speeding campaign being supported by local schools, the Community Police Team, Central Fife Crime Prevention Panel, Cowdenbeath Area Committee and community councils.

Just recently we have carried three stories about motorists speeding past Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly on the A92 at well over 100mph but the thing is that it is affecting 30mph and 40mph zones too, and even more concerning, 20s plenty stretches.

That is a real concern for the community police team as the reason these streets have been made '20' zones is because these are residential areas and have a lot of children living in these.

Too often people exceed the speed limits because they are not really thinking of where they are and what the speed limit is where they are driving.

The community police team feels that drivers need to be educated to remember where they are and what the speed limit is. If they do that they will automatically adjust.

The Junior Road Safety Officers of our schools are a key element of the campaign. These young people know only too well the reason why there is a 20mph zone at their school and through the campaign will be appealing to motorists to remember that 20 is plenty!

The campaign is all about persuading the motorists of the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area that the safety of local roads is important and by adhering to speed limits each and every one of them will be playing their part.

The majority of drivers do follow speed limits and hopefully the messages from the various partners in the campaign will help get it across that speeding is dangerous and persuade those who too often exceed limits to stick to these.