Get ready to set your holiday horizons beyond the norm and ask yourself “Have I got what it takes to experience an adventure holiday?”  Offering far more than the traditional getaway experience, adventure holidays can also encompass a plethora of different sports including tours and excursions, outdoor activities and immersive cultural experiences.   


With this type of holiday, you’re only limited to your appetite for adventure and your own imagination.  So, you may be wondering just what to expect from your adventure holiday?  Well, mystery, intrigue and new cultural discoveries will all be on the cards. 


With online searches for activity holidays on the rise, we’re looking at some of the top reasons why activity holidays are now more popular than ever. 


Get ready to relax by doing 

The traditional summer holiday used to involve lazing by the pool and enjoying long walks on the dazzling white sand, with a well-deserved cool drink in one hand and a great book in another.  This traditional holiday concept hasn’t completely gone away, however, millennials are now finding it equally relaxing to book an activity holiday instead.   


This type of activity holiday focuses on the positive impacts that activity can have on both your physical and mental health.  In fact, this type of technical activity often helps you to focus on one specific task and completely switch off from the outside world. 


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It’s all about the experience 

It’s well-documented that the popularity of the experience economy is on the rise and this is now having a significant impact on where people choose to holiday, as well as the type of holiday they are looking for.   


A high percentage of people now enjoy both immersive and spontaneous entertainment and activity holidays offer this in spades.  With this type of holiday, it’s become less about where you are and more about how you spend your time. 


An activity holiday is a holiday without compromise 

New research indicates that millennials do not wish to compromise on what to do on their holiday. This type of holiday presents an opportunity to pursue new and exciting hobbies and activity types.  An activity holiday that provides a range of different activities that are on offer at all times throughout the day ensures that you can be trying out windsurfing one minute and soaking up some sun by the pool the next. 


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Outdoor exercise is key 

Outdoor activity can help to significantly improve your mental wellbeing.  Exercising outside means a significant vitamin-D boost, along with cleaner air and spectacular ocean-based views.  A beach holiday that offers plenty of ocean-inspired activities is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor exercise.   


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Get ready to reduce stress 

Many people are aware that exercise releases endorphins or ‘happy hormones’, which can help to trigger positive feelings, but there are also plenty of additional benefits to physical activity.  Outdoor activity holidays help to keep you fit both physically and mentally.  This makes them a great choice for anyone looking to destress and switch off. 


Looking for a group activity holiday? 

If you like the sound of jetting off on an action-packed group holiday, then you’re in luck.  A number of top holiday operators now offer activity-specific holidays for you to pick and choose from.  A number of all-inclusive resorts now offer activity holidays for different types of clubs, which is a great option if you’re looking to complete an intensive course. 


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Activity holidays for young families 

One of the best activity holidays for families with young children are tennis holidays. A number of holiday providers like Mark Warner and Club Med now offer LTA children’s tennis courses that are suitable for children age 3 years and above.  This is a great way for young children to have some fun on holiday whilst learning a new skill. 


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If you’re ready to experience the wonders of an activity holiday for yourself, we recommend booking your next adrenaline-fuelled getaway as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, as these types of holiday can fill up quickly. 



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