NOT surprisingly the Fife Ethylene Plant has been the main talking point over the past week.

And really it is hardly surprisingly as the Easter weekend will always be remembered for black smoke pouring across the area, from Mossmorran.

How strange that after months of virtually nothing in terms of flaring from the FEP, that a bright sunny Easter Sunday is marred by the malfunction in the steam system at the plant which saw the black pall of smoke spread out from Mossmorran.

It lasted a few hours, but the noise that accompanied the flaring, which went on for several days made a significant contribution to the complaints made about the events that unfolded.

The information from SEPA suggest that despite the activities of several days of flaring, these did not have an effect on air quality but the impact on the residents of Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly has been significant and that has seen the Mossmorran Action Group call a public meeting.

The time of year, and the fact that Easter Sunday was such a bright sunny day, made the impact of things that more graphic.

Easter Sunday certainly was a black day for the Fife Ethylene Plant.