COWDENBEATH is heading on an upward curve, there is no doubt about that, but there is still a problem.

The High Street improvements which have taken place over the past six to eight months have been really spectacular.

The Brunton Square mural started things and really it is the most striking of features, unique to Fife, and the others that the artist is coming up with are certain to be of the same quality and will make a similar impact.

The new Civic Square is the sort of feature that can be at the centre of the community for a long time to come and can house some superb outdoor activities.

Pit Road now also looks so much better than it ever has before and Brunton Square becoming a heritage site just completes things.

Meanwhile the North End Park project is fast moving ahead now and within the space of a few months the project will be nearing completion.

The only negative aspect on the horizon is the burned out hulk of the Crown Hotel which has been a black mark in the town for more than 10 years.

How this can be sorted out is the million dollar question for local politicians have tried hard without success.

Surely now that the town is being transformed this ugly feature has to be next to go. The investment that is ongoing is impressive but it will be tainted if the Crown remains.