'MY column this month focuses on the car park tax which I feel is totally unfair on thousands of workers across Scotland.

The proposal, which was agreed in the Budget by the SNP Scottish Government and the Green Party, could hit hard-working people across the length and breadth of the country.

It is a very concerning situation, with SNP-run councils in Edinburgh and Glasgow already saying they are considering looking at introducing the tax.

The groundswell of opposition to it is mounting all the time, with the Scottish Police Federation being the latest to criticise it, claiming the car park tax could expose their officers to an increased risk of terrorism.

The trade union, which represents rank-and-file police officers, recently stated their lives could be endangered if they stop driving to their place of work and are then forced to and from their employment by public transport or on foot. And businesses, workers, motoring groups and the Scottish Trades Union Congress, have all voiced their opposition to the car park tax.

I feel the tax was only proposed by the SNP to appease the Green Party in Scotland.

My Mid Scotland and Fife Scottish Conservative colleague, Murdo Fraser MSP, has been very vocal in his opposition to the car park tax, branding it a “ridiculous” plan. I totally agree with this viewpoint as it is effectively punishing workers who take their cars to work.

I feel the car park tax is totally unfair to thousands of workers across the country who don’t have any choice other than taking their car to work. The SNP are yet again hammering hard-working people across the country.

The car park tax will amount to a 10p in the pound tax rise for lower paid employees – it is unwanted and unworkable. I agree with my Scottish Conservative colleague Murdo Fraser in wanting to have the car park tax scrapped.

It has proved to be a very unpopular proposal with scores of people notifying the SNP by email and letter to express their disgust at the plan. Hard-working residents are understandably outraged that the aim is to charge them even more for travelling to work by car, with many employees not being able to afford it.

And in my capacity as the Shadow Cabinet spokesperson on education, I agree with the view that teachers should be made exempt from paying the car park tax as it could hit recruitment at a time when schools are already struggling to fill posts'.