THE question over glass collection is certainly an interesting one.

Last week we reported how Fife Council had no plans to have a special glass bin at homes for collection purposes.

Many people have wondered about that as plastics and paper collections have been well received by most householders.

It probably seemed to residents that eventually they would get an extra bin for glass as a lot of food items and other commodities come in glass containers.

However, committee convener Ross Vettraino gave a reasoned account in the Times of why this was unlikely to happen, at least in the foreseeable future.

Clearly the main aspect of the current glass collection idea is that there are glass banks available at recycling centres, stores and other centres dotted about communities, but these are reliant on people taking their glass deposits with them.

Currently many people simply dump their glass items in their blue landfill bin and that is it.

On a fortnightly basis there must be a huge volume of glass heading for landfill rather than recycling.

Mr Vettraino did say that perhaps people were a little lazy with their depositing of glass and if they got into a routine to take it to the glass bank at their local store when they went shopping it would become something that would come naturally.

I would agree that this could go someway to tackling the issue, it is all about persuading people to get their minds set on carrying out their own process on a regular basis.

There is no doubt that it could work but a lot of promotional activities will have to take place to make it happen for many will simply continue to put glass in the blue bin.

That is something the local authority will have to work on and come up with a way of persuading people to change their ways and take their glass with them when they go to stores.

It can be achieved but it will take a bit of work to get it it operational.