'IN 2016 62% of Scottish people voted to remain in the European Union. Across the country every single constituency, including Central Fife, voted to Remain. And yet here we are, nearly three years on with less than 50 days until the United Kingdom will leave the EU - with no agreed plan. Not a clue. And a Westminster Government obsessed with fighting with itself, rather than standing up for the good of the people of this country.

The Prime Minister is carrying on regardless. Scotland’s voice is being ignored. The Irish peace process is at stake. But belligerent Theresa May still claims it’s her way - or the high way. The Prime Minister’s deal was overwhelmingly defeated in the Commons. But still she carries on like a toddler with her fingers in her ears. And all around us food prices increase, the Government is stockpiling medicine and money we used to benefit from being in the European Union is disappearing.

Last week in Westminster, all of Scotland’s SNP MPs voted to extend article 50 to rule out a no deal. That vote was brought by Labour MP Yvette Cooper and Tory MP Nick Boles. That’s the interesting thing about Brexit - it hasn’t divided people along party lines.

Nonetheless, Scotland is different politically - and that is because of what happened in 2014. That referendum promised Scots that a ‘No’ vote would secure European Union membership. A ‘Yes’ vote, we were told, would definitely not. In an independent Scotland, we were told, Scotland would not be welcome in the EU. Now the prospect of independence offers a life line for many ‘No’ voters who believe in the European Union. And make no mistake - on the doorsteps in central fife, people are changing their minds.

And what does all this mean for Fife? Balbirnie House Hotel, in Markinch, employs 1/3rd of it’s staff from EU countries. Owner, Nicholas Russell, has already voiced his concerns about what Brexit will mean for his business. Stating that he - “expected Brexit to lead to “accelerating” costs and staffing difficulties.” Or take individual constituents who have attended my surgeries or written to me expressing their deep worry that family members and partners may not be able to stay in the country after Brexit. Or simply take account of the 106,754 people in Fife who voted to remain in the EU, whose voices are being completely ignored by negotiations behind closed doors in Westminster.

This is not the future Scotland deserves and nor is it the one we voted for in 2014 - or in 2016'.