LIKE our correspondent refers to in their letter the work of the volunteers who have made the whole area have a festive twinkle for Christmas 2018 deserves a lot of praise.

This year Glencraig and Hill of Beath have some lit festive cheer for the first time and it really gives each community a lift.

However, Crossgates have limited lights this year around the Community Garden due to their lights being ruled unsafe and not enough money being available to replace them.

However, it is something that might not be maintained unless the volunteers get support.

The entire Christmas lights package for the area will have cost over £60,000 this year to maintain and improve and members of the public sometimes forget that this is not something that comes out of Fife Council's purse, it is community volunteers themselves that make this happen with the support of local organisations such as the 4Winds Trust and the residents of the various communities themselves making contributions.

Crossgates Community Council is hopeful that they can raise the more than £8,000 to get their display but up and running again next year but as Cowdenbeath Civic Week Committee's Alex Haddow did say last week that they could do with more people coming aboard to help with the fundraising.

The Christmas lights in Cowdenbeath, which run the length of the town's very long High Street, cost £10,000 to furnish so it is no surprise that they would like more volunteers to help them raise this significant total.

In Lochgelly the story is the same, a small group of volunteers make the impressive Christmas display happen with the £7,000 needed accrued due to some very impressive work by the Lights Group.

But their task would be made that little bit more manageable if a few more people joined them as many hands make light work.

It is not a huge time consuming task but just a few hours once a month to six weeks can make things happen.

After all imagine the streets of the communities without their festive lights.