THE High Street traffic flow issue that was raised at Cowdenbeath Area Committee is certainly an important one.

Going back almost 30 years, when the A92, or East Fife Regional Road as it was better known, opened it was thought that Cowdenbeath High Street would become quieter as the dual carriageway would take the vast majority of the vehicles that used have to go through the town.

However, as anyone can see any day, there are still hundreds, nae thousands of cars, vans and lorries wanting to go through the town for one reason or another.

So the work being done to revamp the High Street and give it a bright new look must also ensure that the traffic flow is as smooth as it can be.

The position of the taxi rank has been something which has posed a lot of discussion for some time but it is thought that the choice of the site at the southern end will work well.

Clearly buses not being able to go into bays would be a problem that would pose traffic flow problems but the hope is that can in the main be avoided.

It is totally right that the councillors have taken the decision to have a review of the workings of the new High Street this time next year, for it could be that a tweak or two could just complete the success of the planning.