THE Environment Group in Cardenden have every right to question the acts of the 'sticker vandals' in their village.

To have most of the lamp posts in the central core of the ABCD villages festooned by stickers is the strangest sight.

And to see the direction signs equally as affected really is something that the community could do without.

The stickers are mostly of an Old Firm nature, with the odd one depicting the John Thomson football tournament, and if you are driving or walking from the Jamphlars to Cardenden Road you see them stuck to the lamp posts and signs plus speed limit signs.

The Cardenden Environment Group volunteers spend a great deal of time trying to make the village look as good as they can each year, but the acts of the sticker vandals does nothing for the ambience of the area.

At a time when the Environment Group is striving to achieve gold status for Cardenden in the Beautiful Fife Awards this ruining of the look of the main thoroughfare of the village is reprehensible.

Hopefully the people that have been carrying out these acts will see the error of their ways and stop what is vandalism.

The end of the year is an important time for the Cardenden Community Council and Environment Group with the special Remembrance Day event to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of First World War and the Christmas lights switch-on but it is doubtful that the stickers can be removed before Armistice Day.