KENNY Aitken was someone who was all about the community he was working in.

He became a person who many young people looked up to as offering entertaining times, but also help and assistance.

All they had to do was ask and Kenny would be their to offer advice.

When it came to the development of Broad Street Centre he was totally behind the project for he felt that in the late 1970s, for a town the size of Cowdenbeath not to have a community centre was simply not right.

The fact was that Lochgelly Centre had just opened and Cowdenbeath looked as if it was being left behind.

But working with Tom Dair and Tom Bain his influence saw Broad Street become a key part of thousands of people's lives and as the town's youth and community worker he was behind many groups which were set up and fully enjoyed by so many.

His 20 years in the area were at a time when the youth and community service was fully developing and he ensured that Cowdenbeath was very much up with the pace.

He wanted a brand new community centre for the town and hoped it would come sooner rather than later, so he would have been a very proud man when the Maxwell Centre was officially opened.