THE wanton vandalism which took place at Lochore Meadows Country Park last week has to be roundly condemned.

Since the Willie Clarke Centre was completed at the end of last year it has been well respected by all as has the new golf clubhouse and football changing pavilion, along with the Lochore Castle project.

That was until the hours of darkness between last Monday and Tuesday.

Well over £1m was spent on the creation of the new facilities at the Meedies and the Castle project, which is now floodlit, and these features have been positively remarked upon by the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the park during the blistering hot summer.

However, within a few short hours the vandals carried out acts which really upset a lot of people.

This was reflected on the social media comments on both the Meadows and Times Facebook pages.

This smashing of the large plate glass windows in the Willie Clarke Centre and the damage to the Castle site were shocking pieces of work by the vandals and hopefully they will now have thought about how silly and thoughtless their actions were.

The investment in the Meadows has been rewarded by a bumper summer in terms of visitors but the adverse publicity such acts of vandalism brings does nothing for the image of the Benarty area.

Hopefully whoever carried out these activities will think again before ever trying to repeat their actions.

Park manager Ian Laing and his staff worked hard to get through the difficult days after the vandalism attack to ensure everything looked as good as it could be for people visiting at the end of last week and the weekend.

They deserve credit for their efforts for Benarty just does not deserve this sort of attack of wanton vandalism.