THE Benarty Boundaries Group have lodged their petition with Fife Council, very much keeping alive their bid to see Glencraig's historic boundaries remain intact.

The fact that almost 1,500 people signed the petition shows that there is a strength of local feeling on the issue.

The thing is that I feel that this can still be sorted out without any real problem at all if Benarty and Lochgelly Community Councils get round the table together and discuss the issue.

I feel that there are feelings on both sides of hidden agendas that really do not exist.

Glencraig has always been part of Benarty from the days of when the mining industry was in full swing.

Somewhere along the line, probably during local government re-organisation, the boundaries seem to have been tweaked and with Lochgelly High School sitting in the middle of the original Glencraig, you can see where that might come from.

What the Boundaries Group is seeking that the old boundary, running up to just south of the school, be re-instated. It will effectively put the whole of the original Glencraig village in Benarty Community Council's area.

The Group have made it clear that it would have no effect on LHS at all. Surely this can be resolved amicably.