THE concerns expressed by the Cowdenbeath woman about the problems she finds at the town's cemetery on some of her visits is not totally a surprise.

Over a year ago, the experiences of Ms Davidson were being found by visitors to graves in Benarty cemetery.

Grass of varying lengths and full bins were something which really upset two local councillors, who fought hard to get lasting improvements, but the real issue is the reduction in the numbers of staff available to the cemetery management.

The council has had to trim its budget markedly in many areas and that is having the knock-on effect of having to spread the jam more thinly.

Hence the grass cutting cannot be done as often as would be wanted and the same situation affects the emptying of bins.

It means that at the end of the time cycle the cemeteries in all communities cannot be kept up to the standard of previous times.

On the Times Facebook page a member of the Benarty community tells of personally making it part of his week to go down to Ballingry cemetery and clear bins.

It is simply a mark of the times that we are in where the council budget restraints are severe and services are under pressure.