THE issue of businesses having problems with a bus stop being out of action at the south end of Cowdenbeath High Street may seem trivial enough to some, but for the 20 or so operations involved it was anything but.

During any major project in a town centre there are bound to be a few problems for the business community, but it is all being done to make the shopping precinct more attractive.

And that is certainly the case with the work currently going on with the SUSTRANS project in High Street.

Pavement improvements, street artwork and a better Green Square are the plans and it is certain to have a major impact.

But at the same time the business community needs to be confident of footfall during the project.

The No 19 bus route has always been a key contributor to the success of Cowdenbeath High Street and it still is today.

So when the bus stop at the south end of High Street was temporarily put out of action it was no surprise that the shops found a hole in their takings.

The council is well aware of the importance of maintaining a steady bus service to this part, and indeed all parts of High Street, and will be doing all it can to ensure that this is the case.

It simply is so important to the business community.