BREAKDOWN in communication at any time can have really serious repercussions.

But what happened last week certainly caused real concern for the taxi drivers in Cowdenbeath.

They knew that work would be going on at their Green Square rank as part of the SUSTRANS project, which is seeing hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on upgrading aspects of the south end of High Street, but they found themselves in the dark about what it would mean for their rank.

They believed that they might not have a rank at all in the town any longer, but that was not the case.

The Fife Council officials dealing with the project had plans already in mind to re-open the rank near the Poundstretcher building for taxis but the information had not got through to the taxi community.

It has been made very clear by the authority that the taxi services provided in the town are a key part of the plans to increase the footfall in the retail hub of Cowdenbeath.

And that has to be good news for the drivers and the public.

The drivers will be involved every stretch of the way now in where the rank will be situated once the project is finished so it has turned into a really good news story.