WHAT a tragedy it was the way the weather turned out for the 40th anniversary of Cowdenbeath Civic Week.

After one of the driest spells we have experienced in many years the heavens opened last Saturday and it took the total glow off town’s gala day.

Bravely the parade went ahead as planned,despite the rain, and the park events had to curtailed a little due to the conditions.

The Civic Week Committee will not have believed how the weather worked out, but the tremendous programme that they came up with for this historic year was worthy of better gala day weather.

After the days of sunshine we have enjoyed since the start of May the weather of June 16 is hard to believe.

However, hopefully the Civic Week Committee will not be downhearted by the weather happenings.

The plan for a Winter Wonderland a couple of Christmas’s ago was ruined by storms and for a spell it made them wonder if all the efforts are worth it.

But they soon recovered their spirit and set about organising the 2017 Civic Week which was a highly successful event.

So hopefully the same response will be there from the Committee after this set-back. The thing is that there is nothing anyone can do about the weather, it is what it is and can be so frustrating.

While it took the glow off the big day it was still a grand Civic Week programme which was enjoyed by a lot of people.