THE suggestions put forward by our letter writer and Cowdenbeath Community Council chairman, Alex Haddow, to stop the vandalism at the town's war memorial are very feasible.

I would say that 'Highly Concerned' is right that CCTV would all but stop the attacks on the monument.

Surely in this historic year something can be done to stop the abuse of a memorial to those who lost their lives in the First World War.

The secluded position of the memorial in the park is a problem. Yet it is something that through that placement up on the hill, can be seen from the High Street.

The elevated position is excellent but because of that there are no many people about that neck of the woods in the evening when it is dark.

The Second World War memorial at the Town House is completely different, being on the High Street and very visible it does not suffer in the same way from unwanted visitors.

Cowdenbeath's councillors are all concerned by the disrespectful attacks on the First World War memorial but so far nothing has been done to stop things getting worse.

Hopefully in the run up to the commemoration of the centenary of the ending of the Great War in November, something will be done to increase security at the monument.