COWDENBEATH FC never do anything by half measures.

Their League 2 Play-off victory was laden with drama but the important thing was that the tie was won and the club can look forward to staying in league football.

But the big question has to be how the club avoids a re-run of the disappointment of the past four seasons which has seen relegation from the Championship, the same from League 1 and finishing bottom of League 2 in consecutive seasons.

The fans certainly deserve something better and in Gary Bollan the club has a manager who can turn things around.

When he came in the club, with a depleted squad, was adrift at the bottom of the table and when the transfer window opened in January he was able to get new players in which made the team much more competitive and in the second-half of the season they gave sides at the top end of the table defeats in some cases, and really hard games in others.

But at the end of the day they still needed to win the play-off to avoid the dreaded drop to the Lowland League, but that they did and now everyone should be looking ahead with hope.

Mr Bollan has the contacts to improve the squad for the new season and hopefully the trend of the past four seasons will be broken with the team scoring goals and going on winning runs which take them into the challenge for the top four places.

The turn out of the fans on that fateful day against Cove at Central Park was superb and their support helped the team over the line but the fact is a few more coming through the gate on a regular basis would held ensure that the club can operate on a much better financial footing.

These last few seasons have seen some dark days indeed. Hopefully we are set to see things turn and Cowden back challenging for titles.