THE staffing problems highlighted by the rector of Beath High School, and depute headteacher of Lochgelly HS, at Cowdenbeath Area Committee are bound to be concerning for parents.

The fact that Douglas Young and Wendy Petty chose to follow attainment information on both the area's secondary schools with comments about gaps in their staffing teams certainly concerned councillors.

The fact is that both these schools are punching well above their weight and the staff at Beath, in Foulford Road, Cowdenbeath, and Station Road, Lochgelly, deserve full commendation for the work that they are doing.

But the fact that this shortage of people going in to teaching is really something that should be tackled as soon as possible at Holyrood.

As one of our letter writers states, why are fewer people wishing to go into teaching?

The Scottish Government is trying hard to square the circle but it means that meantime there are too few people available for positions open not only in Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly, but all over Scotland.

The Beath and Lochgelly pupils are continuing to do really well thanks to the hardworking teacher teams at the schools, but if the staffing issue is not sorted speedily the pressure on the current teaching staff will become more and more intense which will inevitably have an impact on results. Action is needed.