THE work being undertaken by youngsters in Cowdenbeath to help their counterparts in Malawi is quite outstanding.

The Beath High School community started it all seven years ago and since then the strength of the base has widened.

When the Beath party travelled to Malawi to see their African counterparts they were shocked by what they found.

Life in the Njale and Mapanga schools is not anything like that in Foulford, St Bride's or Cowdenbeath primaries but what it did was strengthen the resolve to help both schools as much as they could.

And now the 46th Fife Beaver Colony is joining the challenge and when leader Alice Fox goes to Malawi in October she will be able to take with her writing utensils and other items that are taken for granted here.

The fundraising by Cowdenbeath Beavers shows how much they care and it will be much appreciated in Africa.

Unwelcome visitors should simply stay away