Acting legend Sir Michael Caine treated fans to a rare public appearance during a red-carpet event in London, using a walking stick to get around.

The 90-year-old actor appeared alongside The Great Escaper cast as he went to the film's premiere at the capital's BFI Southbank.

The actor, who is well known for starring in The Italian Job, has appeared in public with a walking stick on numerous occasions since breaking his ankle in 2018.

At the premiere of his latest movie, the cast gathered around Sir Michael Caine for a few pictures.

Sir Michael Caine says he 'can't walk properly' as star makes rare public appearance

The Great Escaper follows the true story of how Bernard Jordan staged a great escape from his care home in 2014 to join fellow war veterans on the beach of Normandy, France.

The 48-hour adventure saw the main character Jordan commemorate the fallen soldiers of the D-Day Landings on the 70th anniversary.

Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, celebrity Sir Michael Caine said: "I’m 90 now, and I can’t walk properly and all that."

He added: "With COVID and all that, I hadn’t done a picture for three years, and I thought I was finished.

"And I suddenly did it — and had such a wonderful time… I was so happy to do it.

"I just loved the character of Bernie," explaining: "I thought he was incredible, and it’s so beautifully written."

Central Fife Times: The Great Escaper starring Sir Michael Caine follows a real-life care home 'breakout' in 2014 (Ian West/PA Wire)The Great Escaper starring Sir Michael Caine follows a real-life care home 'breakout' in 2014 (Ian West/PA Wire) (Image: Ian West/PA Wire)

This follows on from the passing of his The Great Escaper co-star Glenda Jackson.

Of her death, Sir Michael Caine said: "Glenda was one of our greatest movie actresses.

"It was a privilege to work with her on The Great Escaper recently, our second film together."

The pair previously acted together nearly 50 years ago when they both starred in The Romantic Englishwoman.