Beyoncé announced a world tour this week which includes six UK shows and tickets have started to be released.

The 'Break My Soul' artist will visit Cardiff, Edinburgh, Sunderland and London.

The tour comes following the 2022 release of her critically acclaimed album, Renaissance

If you’re hoping to secure tickets and add the event to your diary, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on them.

Ticket buying experts at TicketSource have revealed five tips to help music fans secure tickets to events, including Beyoncé’s tour – let’s take a look.

5 tips to help you secure tickets to Beyoncé’s 2023 tour

Preparation is key

Make sure you know the exact time and date tickets go on sale to avoid missing the ticket sale.

Set alarms and reminders for five to 10 minutes before the sale time so you can open the relevant apps or websites.

Have an idea of the type of ticket you want to buy and where you’d like to sit or stand at the show – this will help you when it comes to checkout time and the clock is ticking.

You could also make sure you’re signed up to the ticket websites you’ll be using beforehand to save time on the day.

TicketSource says you could also add your details including address and payment information beforehand if this is an option on the site you’re using – this will help you checkout quicker.

Register for all sales

Tickets for shows and events often have a pre-sale as well as a pre-sale.

To give yourself the most opportunities to buy tickets, you could sign up for any pre-sales that you’re eligible for such as ticket retailer or artists’ fan pre-sales.

The ticket experts also recommend asking a friend or family member if they have any access to the more exclusive pre-sales and if they could try to get tickets for you or if they wouldn’t mind you using their login details.

Central Fife Times: TicketSource has shared 5 tips to help you secure tickets to Beyoncé's tourTicketSource has shared 5 tips to help you secure tickets to Beyoncé's tour (Image: PA)

Use all ticket retailers

Tickets are usually available on a few ticket retailers’ websites so to help you secure tickets, make sure you check exactly where the tickets will become available ahead of time.

Open multiple tabs for when tickets become available and try all the websites for tickets as this will increase your chance of securing them.

Don’t refresh the page as this could result in you losing your place in the online queue – the retailer will refresh the page automatically for you.

Avoid opening multiple tabs for the same retailer as this may lead to the assumption that you’re a bot and prevent you from accessing the website and buying tickets.

Don’t give up

The ticket retailer will be at its busiest as tickets go on sale and the site traffic can sometimes cause issues.

An event can appear to be sold out on a site but it isn’t always the case. Sometimes there could be an error or site traffic can be too high and it may seem like tickets are no longer available.

If this happens, keep looking for tickets over the next few hours. More tickets may appear and this could be your chance to grab them.

Second chance tickets

If you didn’t manage to secure tickets, you shouldn’t give up hope.

Ticket apps such as DICE often have waiting lists for events that you can join so if any ticket holders return their ticket, you have a chance to secure one.

Apps such as Twickets allow ticket holders to sell their tickets to other people for face value, apart from the app’s fees.

Try to avoid ticket resale websites that don’t cap the prices at the original face value as you could end up paying significantly more than the ticket’s actual price and will often be contributing to ticket touting.