After episode four of the BBC's popular business series, The Apprentice, viewers across the UK were more than eager to see the teams face their next challenge.

As always, Lord Sugar and his close team of advisors put the contestants through their paces to see who would be walking home after week five.

Episode four saw only 13 candidates in the running for the £250,000 investment after Denisha Kaur Bharj was fired from The Apprentice because of her handling of the item challenge in Brighton.

With all this said, here's what happened in week five of The Apprentice 2023.

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What happened in week five of BBC The Apprentice 2023?

This week's episode kicked off with the two teams being tasked with branding, advertising and pitching a range of electric motorbikes.

Team Apex's project manager, Bradley saw their vision ignored by the team after they disagreed privately about his approach to the brief.

The team then selected, against the wishes of their project manager, an actor who could not ride a motorbike to star in their advert.

While Team Affinity's campaign backfired when its members focused on the story behind their TV advert rather than the product they were trying to sell.

The team were criticised by Lord Sugar's advisor Tim Campbell for spending so much time fighting over creative differences such as the brand's logo.

Things weren't much better when the two teams pitched their ideas to industry experts.

Team Apex was criticised by the advertisement and motorbike experts for saying that their brand evoked masculinity, limiting their market with another saying the "product was completely lost."

Team Affinity then pitched their brand "Zip Zap" but experts complained about how awful the name was.

In the end, Lord Sugar decided that Team Apex's advertising campaign was better, seeing them win the challenge.

Who was fired from BBC The Apprentice in week five?

This week saw Shazia Hussain fired from The Apprentice after their team's failure to pitch branded electric motorbikes to a panel of experts.

Lord Sugar fired Shazia, saying: "The problem here is that there were so many mistakes."

Ahead of joining the show, Shazia said that her attention deficit hyperactivity disorder means she can process information “faster than others” and her reaction time is “quicker”.

Saying: “It’s important to see a varied representation of women, including women with neurodiversity in business… I hope that I’ll encourage more people like me not to be ashamed of their difference.”

The Apprentice airs every Thursday from 9 pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.