Snow could be set to hit much of the UK next week according to new weather maps.

Charts show snow falling over much of Scotland, Wales and England at points next week, as the UK experiences another cold snap.

Weather maps from WXCHARTS show the exact days the arctic blast may hit.

The first snow will arrive in Scotland from the east in the early hours of Thursday, February 9.

Central Fife Times:

It will continue to fall throughout the morning, moving south, covering most of Wales, the northwest of England and parts of the southwest.

The snow will continue to fall through Thursday, into the early hours of Friday morning when it will begin to fall in parts of the midlands, London and the southeast.

As the snow eases, temperatures will remain low, and WXCHARTS predicts further flurries could continue throughout the weekend and all the way to Tuesday, where it will fall in parts of Wales, Scotland and the north west of England.

Brian Gaze from The Weather Outlook told the Express: "Computer models are suggesting that a weakening of the Stratospheric Polar Vortex (SPV) in the coming weeks could lead to an increasing chance of cold weather during February.

Central Fife Times:

"It's a long way off in weather terms but the period around Valentine's Day has, in the past, often brought the UK some of its coldest and most wintry spells of weather.

"A weakening SPV leads to an increasing chance of a very cold Arctic Blast or a Beast From The East weather pattern, like the one we saw in February 2018."

The Met Office gives a less optimistic forecast for those looking forward to some snow.

However, the forecast does give a “small chance of very cold conditions and snow showers”.

The Met Office long range forecast for the UK says: “Mostly fine with sunny spells on Monday, although cloudier in the northwest with some rain.

“Light or moderate winds for most, becoming stronger in the northwest, with a risk of coastal gales.

“From Tuesday, high pressure tends to dominate, with any frontal systems most active in the northwest, but quickly weakening as they stagger southeast across the UK.

“For many, there should be plenty of mostly dry if rather cold weather, likely lasting a few days, with overnight frost and perhaps some fog patches in the south and a small chance of very cold conditions and snow showers moving in from the east.

“However, most likely is a resumption of wetter, windier and milder weather from the west after a few days of cold conditions.”