A COMPLAINT made to Lochgelly Community Council has now been completed after an independent review.

The organisation has confirmed that an internal complaint was filed by a community councillor seeking four specific resolutions.

After being "thoroughly investigated" by an independent panel comprising community councillors from other councils, one of the four resolutions sought was partially upheld.

The panel determined that the matter in question had already been resolved prior to completion of the investigation.

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The remaining three resolutions sought were not upheld. The panel found that these resolutions either lacked sufficient merit or were deemed not competent to address.

Lochgelly Community Council says it acknowledges the panel’s findings and hopes that the matter can now be put behind them.

A statement said they were committed to moving forward positively, focusing on serving the best interests of the Lochgelly community and its residents.

Chairperson Rona Mullenger said: “We are pleased to have this issue resolved and are dedicated to continuing our work for the betterment of Lochgelly.

"Our priority remains the welfare and development of our community.

"We strive to address community concerns, support local initiatives, and foster a strong sense of community spirit.

"The Lochgelly Community Council is committed to representing the interests of Lochgelly’s residents and working towards the enhancement and wellbeing of the local community."

The statement extended its gratitude to the independent panel for their diligent work and to the community for their ongoing support and understanding.