PROPOSALS for a mining memorial plaque in the centre of Cowdenbeath will "tell an important story" about the town that was built on coal.

Fife Council have approved plans for a new installation on the High Street that will pay tribute to those who worked in the 13 local pits in the days of the black diamonds.

The application was put forward by Cowdenbeath Community Council on behalf of Cowdenbeath Rotary Club, with the latter aiming to mark its centenary by remembering the industry that played such a key role in the town's development.

The council's communities and corporate development management team was consulted and they stated the proposal "adds to the value of the public space and the wider town centre offer and tells an important story of the town's history for both locals and visitors".

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A report added: "Therefore, this team had no objection to the proposal and fully support it from a town centre point of view."

Central Fife Times: The suggested wording for the coal mining memorial plaque in Brunton Square in CowdenbeathThe suggested wording for the coal mining memorial plaque in Brunton Square in Cowdenbeath (Image: Cowdenbeath Rotary Club)

The plaque will be erected at Brunton Square, opposite the Pit Miner's Son mural, and titled 'Cowdenbeath's History is All About Mining (Stent Nae Stent)'.

The proposed wording states: "Cowdenbeath Rotary Club is delighted to celebrate its centenary by creating this memorial to the industry which the town of Cowdenbeath was built on.

"Without coal mining the town would not be what it is today, and we would like to remember the pits which produced thousands of jobs between the late 19th century and mid-20th century, and also the Cowdenbeath NCB Workshops, in Church Street, which had 1,000 employees at its peak.

"Among the pits that made Cowdenbeath No7 were Foulford, The Dora, Mossbeath, Dalbeath, The Alice and The Gordon.

"Cowdenbeath flourished when coal was king and it is important that this is never forgotten, as are the miners who lost their lives in the production of the black diamonds."

The plaque mentions the town's motto - Stent Nae Stent - which means 'Shirk No Task, Always Do Your Best'.