Fife Council has greenlit a five-year strategy to improve access to affordable food and address the climate emergency.

The Food4Fife Strategy, approved last week during a Cabinet meeting, aims to streamline food activities across Fife to reinvigorate the region's food security and push sustainable practices.

The plan targets broadening food accessibility, affordability, and nutrition to tackle food poverty faced by some residents.

Supported by NHS Fife and the broader Food4Fife Partnership, the strategy came to life thanks to the collaboration of communities, food businesses, public procurement, and farmers and growers across Fife.

Central Fife Times: The Food4Fife Strategy, approved on May 9 during a Cabinet meeting, aims to streamline food

Cllr Jan Wincott, spokesperson for Environment & Climate Change, said: "Food is a crucial issue for everyone in Fife as well as globally.

"Partnership working is more important than ever as we seek to deliver changes to the way food is processed, distributed, purchased and how much food is wasted to help meet environmental, health and economic challenges.

"The Food4Fife Partnership’s vision is to create a sustainable food culture for a healthy Fife.

"We are working to end and prevent food poverty by providing fair access to healthy and affordable food for all."

The Food4Fife Strategy introduces two 'Transformations' as priority actions - Empowering communities and Growing our food economy, executed via six pillars including healthy food for all, community food, food economy, catering and procurement, farming, soils and climate, and partnership working.

The approach complements the council’s Climate Fife Strategy and Action Plan 2024 'Big Community Move', aiming to support community climate action and bring about positive change within local food, waste and transport.