AMERICAN visitors will be in Kelty later this month as part of a sister city project connecting the village to a town in Pennsylvania.

The group from Carnegie will be shown around Kelty – and also stop off in Dunfermline – before attending a reception in the Community Centre.

Community council chairperson Fred Clark is looking forward to seeing the relationship grow.

"The township is called Carnegie in Pennsylvania and has strong links with Andrew Carnegie," he explained.

"As far as I understand it, one of the schools there was doing a project on industrial history which is a lot of steelworks and coal. They did a bit of research and came across Kelty and researched that Kelty itself had quite a deep history in coal mining.

"I received an email out of the blue to say they would invite us to join them in a sister city project which is a bit like twinning to encourage cultural and educational links between the groups and organisations."

Carnegie civic leader Phil Boyd will lead the group who will be introduced to a range of people and groups.

"They have also arranged a walking tour through the Carnegie organisation in Dunfermline," he added.

"We have arranged for them to visit Kelty's two primary schools, St Joseph's and Kelty Primary, and also Beath High school. They are wanting links between the schools.

"We have arranged for them to have a tour of our own historical things. We have got monuments to the miners and we will give them a brief history.

"We have also invited the Provost to meet them at the community centre."