A Lochgelly woman who assaulted police officers by punching and kicking them is making little progress on her court orders.

This is despite Leah Taylor being warned previously to stop coming up with different excuses for not doing her unpaid work.

When Taylor returned to Dunfermline Sheriff Court for a progress report, Sheriff Susan Duff commented: “Is ‘progress’ a word you could use in this case?”

“At best it’s a mixed report,” said defence solicitor Alan Davie.

Sheriff Duff warned Taylor: “This order isn’t going away.”

There will be a further review on May 24.

Leah Taylor, 22, of Foote Street, previously admitted that on July 3, 2022 at the Hampton Court Hotel, Renfrew Street, Glasgow, she assaulted a female police officer by attempting to punch and headbutt her.

She also assaulted two other officers by punching and kicking them.

At the previous hearing Sheriff Duff told Taylor: “Don’t keep coming up with excuses.”