A cat that went missing from its Lochgelly home three years ago is now safely back home.

Simba went missing nearly three years ago in July 2021, and his owner, Amanda Somerville, never gave up hope of getting her beloved pet back.

Amanda commented: “I put up posters and everything for him. I had lots of phone calls but none of them were actually him.

“I felt like he was out there somewhere.”

Central Fife Times: Simba before he went missing.Simba before he went missing. (Image: Amanda Somerville)

Recently a woman came to Amanda’s door to ask her if she had got her pet back, and she took Amanda to see a cat that could be Simba. Amanda went along to get him, and was reunited with her beloved feline.

“The reunion was mind blowing really. He ran straight to me and he nuzzled his little head into my chest.

“He actually belonged to my mum before she passed away, I promised her I’d look after him.” Amanda said.

Central Fife Times: Simba is now settling back into life at home.Simba is now settling back into life at home. (Image: Amanda Somerville)

Now that he’s home, Simba is settling back in with Amanda’s other cats. She added: “I am just so grateful to get him back, it’s such a relief.

“He was actually in the same town I live in the whole time, just in a part I hadn’t looked.

“I am just so glad to have him back.”

Amanda offered a piece of advice to other people who are missing a pet: “Never give up, because you never know.”