THERE were smiling faces all around at this year's Fairy Wood Easter Egg event. 

A total of 600 kids were treated to their very own chocolate egg, completely free of charge, at the event on Sunday, March 24 - as well as a visit from the Easter Bunny herself!

Derek Davidson, who helps to organise these events at Fairy Wood in Lochore Meadows, told the Times: "It wasn't as well attended as it was last year or the Covid years, but I think we gave out about 600 eggs which was still good, 600 kids turned up.  

"I would say it was still well attended, when you get 600 kids in a park that’s a good weekend, and they’re all going away with happy smiling faces.

"We’re lucky we have a lot of good sponsors to help us put it on."

Ten children entered the Easter Bonnet competition and were all declared winners. All ten of them received a big Easter Egg as a prize.

And in addition to spreading Easter cheer across the village, £130 was raised in donations for further Fairy Wood events. 

The remaining eggs will now be shared out throughout the community with 100 going to Benore Care Home for the residents and staff, 100 being melted down into rice crispy treats for the Companion Club, and the rest being given out to the children at the nurseries of Dunmore, St. Kenneths primaries.