A CENTRAL Fife childcare facility could reopen as early as next week amid a call for a full investigation into its recent closure.

Kids Come First shut suddenly last month however those behind the charity now want a probe into Fife Council's handling of the closure.

With thousands lost without fees coming in and grant applications laying uncompleted during the closure, committee chairperson Michael Clinton believes actions leading to the closure need to be looked at.

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He has drafted an email to council chief executive Ken Gourlay demanding a face to face meeting to discuss the circumstances around the shutdown.

"I have information he should know," he said. "I want to talk to him face to face."

It is hoped the facility will open back up this Monday with an Easter holiday programme planned which could help recoup some money through fees paid by parents.

Local councillor Mary Lockhart Bain said she, along with councillor Linda Erskine, have also asked Fife Council for a "full enquiry" into the closure.

"It is still unclear as to precisely why council officers felt they had the authority to effectively lock the staff and the board members of the charity from entering their premises," she said.

"I think a full enquiry will establish that and Cllr Erskine and I are requesting that in the strongest possible terms.

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"Both Cllr Erskine and I are obviously committed to getting the service provided by Kids Come First reinstated because it is essential.

"It is needed and it allows people to go to their work at the time when they start it and return at the time of when they finish. There are parents who will find it very very difficult to do this otherwise."

A spokesperson for Fife Council said they have provided support to Kids Come First over a number of years.

"As a registered charity, it is the trustees who control and make decisions in compliance with charity regulations and their constitution," they stated.

"In response to a request from local councillors, information on the council’s involvement in this issue is being collated and will be shared with them in due course."