A Lochgelly woman assaulted police officers by punching and kicking them.

However, Leah Taylor has not completed the unpaid work imposed as a punishment and a sheriff was not impressed by her excuses.

Leah Taylor, 22, of Foote Street, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for a review of her community payback order.

She had admitted that on July 3, 2022 at the Hampton Court Hotel, Renfrew Street, Glasgow, she assaulted a female police officer by attempting to punch and headbutt her. She also assaulted two other officers by punching and kicking them.

The court heard she had done only 31 hours out of the 135 hours imposed.

Defence solicitor Gino Gambale blamed this on his client’s “mental health and child care difficulties”.

Sheriff Susan Duff told Taylor: “You will be doing the unpaid work, it’s not optional.”

She went on: “Don’t keep coming up with excuses. I won’t be accepting excuses about you not feeling well unless it is backed up with a medical certificate.”

She allowed the order to continue with a three-month extension and Taylor will return to court on April 24.