CAMPAIGNERS hoping to get a replacement health centre in Lochgelly said they are hoping to organise a meeting in an effort to ensure the project doesn't slip further down the Scottish Government's "to do" list.

The Friends of Lochgelly Health Centre hope to bring together representatives from the centre, health board, politicians and Fife Council officials to discuss a way forward.

They say a new centre which is "well-equipped, fully staffed and can ably meet the needs of the people of Lochgelly" is needed now and into the future.

A statement from the group said their concerns that a new building was "slipping further down" the government's “to do” list was amplified by the recent announcement that all new NHS building projects had been paused.

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"Lochgelly has grown with the building of the new houses at The Avenue and with sites on the south side of the town identified, there is potential for further development by housebuilders," they stated.

"Whilst this is good for the local economy it also means that Lochgelly must have an infrastructure capable of accommodating potential new residents.

"Careful consideration is always given to the impact of this growth on local schools and action is taken accordingly to ensure the schools can cope with any potential increase in school pupil numbers. It would be reasonable to assume that the same careful consideration is given to the availability and accessibility of health care.

"Given that Lochgelly Health Centre was identified as in dire need of replacement well over a decade ago it is safe to assume that no reasonable consideration has, in fact, been given to meeting current and future needs."

The group has issued an open invitation to new health minister Neil Gray to visit the centre after the fight for a new health facility has now been ongoing for over a decade.

"Emails to the Scottish Government from the current campaign group, Friends of Lochgelly Health Centre, to ask them why they have failed to honour their promise are at least consistent in the excuses given – Brexit, Covid, the war in Ukraine," they added.

"Frankly these excuses are wearing thin.

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"A former Cabinet Secretary for Health, Humza Yousaf, is on record in October 2021 as saying in response to a question from Annabelle Ewing MSP, “I give the member an absolute confirmation that, when we have that outline business case, the funding will be found”.

"There has been an outline business case for almost two years. It is freely available to view online. Humza Yousaf, now First Minister, has reneged on a promise made to the people of Lochgelly."

NHS Fife promised to replace the David Street facility by 2019 and has previously said it was “functionally inadequate and compromises proactive patient care”.

However, work never started and it was kicked into the long grass last year when the Scottish Government announced it was to adopt a phased approach to capital expenditure meaning it could not be delivered within planned timescales.