Nardone’s Academy of Performing Arts are celebrating a double success after they received two awards from the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT).

Academy director Liam Nardone received the Recognised Teacher Award, and the academy received the Recognised School Award.

The academy regularly features at the Lochgelly Centre, recently putting on their 24-hour challenge performance of ‘Cats the Musical’, where those who took part had only 24 hours to learn their routines and put on a fantastic show for the audience.

Liam Nardone started the academy seven years ago, crafting a prosperous training programme and providing professional training throughout.

Liam’s award puts him alongside only two others in Scotland, with the others in Kirkliston and Galashiels, making him the only 'Recognised Teacher' in Fife.

Central Fife Times: Academy director Liam Nardone has received the Recognised Teacher Award.Academy director Liam Nardone has received the Recognised Teacher Award. (Image: NAPA)

The NAPA Team said: “The hard work and passion that oozes through from Liam spreads to the students and members and results in improvement, inclusion, and success. This positive energy creates a supportive and motivating environment for everyone involved.

“Liam's dedication and commitment serves as an inspiration to others, pushing them to work harder and strive for greatness. As a result, the students and members not only improve their skills and abilities, but also develop a strong sense of camaraderie and unity. Together, they overcome challenges and celebrate their achievements, fostering a culture of growth and accomplishment.”

The academy is for all performers, whether they hope to forge a career for themselves or just get involved as a fun hobby.

The Recognised School Award allows them to stand out from other schools, putting them alongside the MGA Academy in Edinburgh as the only other performing arts school in Scotland to be accredited by the CDMT.

Liam Nardone said: “We are truly honoured to have received such a prestigious award which allows our theatre academy to stand out from the rest of the similar groups and schools within our local area and in Scotland.

“Nardone’s Academy is the place to be. No one does it like we do. Be unique and stand out. Words cannot describe how we feel right now!”

Central Fife Times:

Since their formation in 1979, the CDMT have strived to make sure kids and young people have access to the experience of performing arts.

This allows for the CDMT to secure the next pipeline of performers and teachers, upon which the sector relies on.

Looking ahead Nardone’s Academy return to the Lochgelly Centre for their next show, a musical inspired by the hit film Madagascar on Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20.

Tickets for the show can be purchased from