A woman who used to play football with the Lumphinnans Hotpants has spoken about her happy memories of playing the sport.

The club was formed in the early 1970s and was featured in the Lochgelly Times of the day.

They played against men's and women's teams and were sponsored by local publican Chic Kirk, who provided them with strips and an indoor training venue.

Hannah Millar, at the time her surname was Scott, remembered: “It started off just as a bit of fun, and to keep fit, and it began a wee bit of a charity thing.

Central Fife Times: Hannah Millar played for the Lumphinnans' Hot Pants.Hannah Millar played for the Lumphinnans' Hot Pants. (Image: Hannah Millar)

“We didn’t charge, but any money we collected we gave to local charities at the time.”

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The team had a short article written about them in what was then the Lochgelly Times. It said “the short shorts worn by the girls are made of slinky black satin”.

Hannah laughed: “You wouldn’t get away with the description of black silky hotpants these days, but in those days, that was the way of it.

“We weren’t offended in the least. It was just a bit of banter.”

The team did have unorthodox ways of playing the sport.

If the weather was bad, Hannah said she used to wear a headscarf to prevent her hairdo from being spoiled, and she used to stand in goal with an umbrella! 

She commented: “It was outrageous and it was just good fun.”

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The women were trained by George Goodall and Bertie Miller.

Hannah said: “They trained us as serious football players and it was really, really hard.

“I remember Bertie Miller being determined at trying to teach a bunch of women the offside rule. He did not succeed.”

The women took part in several games, which were mostly against local men’s teams, but they did also play against some ladies’ sides.

“It was good fun and it was good to reminisce. It brought back happy memories of 50 odd years ago,” she added.