IN JUNE David Hopkins reflected on a life-changing year in the hotseat of a vintage clothing, vinyl, art and collectibles shop in Lochgelly.

A man of music and sound engineer by trade, he opened Emperor's Attic in 2022 after taking a leap of faith.

The Times previously told you that last year David was unemployed and searching for answers when he decided to take on the challenge of owning his own store.

Reflecting on the past 12 months, he said the job has had its challenges but it has made him feel nostalgic for his youth.

He said: "My life has changed 100 per cent.

"I actually feel like an enthusiastic teenager again with my passion back for music, clothing and art.

"I just feel sorry at times for customers seeing a hyper 46-year-old blasting music and waving clothes about.

"It's been very encouraging and probably more of a success than I could have expected mainly because of the support of people locally."

David continued: "It probably seems a bit mad, a shop like you would see in places like Brighton on Lochgelly Main Street, but my idea of a local shop offering stuff you would normally have to visit a city for or buy online seems to be what folk have missed.

"Customers are what makes the shop.

"I've always thought of my store like a football club and the customers as fans and my helpers and suppliers as players.

"Whether it be old school pals, school kids, people from outside Lochgelly, or even Fife, I really appreciate the support."

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