Cowdenbeath residents have been urged to be more responsible with their waste over the Christmas period.

There have been 34 instances of contaminated glass bins at the recycling point on Foulford Place, resulting in the bins being replaced with a large mixed glass skip.

However, Councillor Darren Watt believes that this will not stop further concerns in regard to the dumping and contamination of other bins at the recycling points.

Cllr Watt said: “I will never accept any excuse for fly tipping, dumping or contaminating bins with the wrong type of waste, but more needs to be done to tackle this scourge and discourage those from doing so in the first place.

“It is simply not fair on those of us who want to recycle our excess waste and want to do so locally, efficiently, and responsibly.”

Cllr Watt is keen to raise the issues with his colleagues at the council, with hopes that more will be done in the new year.

He added: “It is obvious the current approach is not working as it should and I will consult my fellow local councillors and council officers after the new year with a view of reviewing the policies and challenges, and to establish what we can do better to manage and support the service and local residents.”

Whether it’s bottles from Christmas celebrations, or discarded packaging from gifts, residents should make sure that their waste is disposed of in the correct recycling bin.