NEW trustees have been appointed to help the work of a charity set up to distribute wind farm benefits in Central Fife.

The 4 Winds organisation has selected representative from the Auchtertool, Cowdenbeath, Lochgelly and Lumphinnans communities to to take a place on their board.

Supporting the investment at the Little Raith Wind Farm, more than £500,000 has been put into community groups in the four areas over the last 10 years.

Ten trustees have been appointed onto the new board with the membership being confirmed at its recent AGM.

Chairperson Elizabeth Rae (Cowdenbeath) was confirmed in the role to lead the charity, with support in the vice-Chair position coming from Eleanor Martin (Lumphinnans).

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New trustees Debbie Scollay and Andrea Cail joined the board representing Auchtertool, as well as new faces from Lochgelly, with Jane Surtees and Garrie Roberts being welcomed to their first meeting.

Andy Bolden (Lumphinnans) will now manage the finances of the charity as Treasurer, with Stuart Duffy (Cowdenbeath) continuing in the role of Secretary.

A further two independent trustees are also appointed from within the four communities, with Jim Martin and Linda Martin nominated to serve until the next AGM.

Chairperson, Liz Rae, said local representation was vital for the groups who benefit from the 4Winds funding.

“Once again it was a privilege to be part of this great new team of trustees, who met recently to consider all the applications for funding from groups and organisations in the local area," she said.

"As local people, we are more connected to our communities and have a better understanding of their needs and how much these grants benefit and improve the lives of many individuals.

"I’m certain this new team have a fantastic range of skills and experience to guide the charity to even greater success.”

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New Vice Chair, Eleanor Martin, said she was looking forward to supporting as many local good causes as possible in the year ahead.

She added: “We are very fortunate to have the 4 Winds funding available to small communities like Lumphinnans and Auchtertool, as without it we simply couldn’t put on all the events and activities these villages enjoy.

"For example, our Lumphinnans Christmas Lighting and Senior Citizens' Party make this time of year a bit more enjoyable for lots of people, so I’m really lucky to play a part in making that all happen.”

The 4 Winds board meets on a quarterly basis to consider funding applications from local voluntary groups, good causes and organisations.

Funding applications for this new round are now open, with the closing date confirmed as February 19, 2024.

Application forms and guidance are available from the website or by email on for information.