THE owner of a Cardenden salon is once again giving back to her community with her latest Christmas giveaway event. 

Clare Mitchell has gone above and beyond to give back to her community, and this year is no different as she plans to give away a free pamper voucher each night to someone in the village. 

She told the Times: "At Christmas, I like to give back to the community and I thought what can I do this year that's a bit different?

"I came up with this idea so I'm just bringing some smiles!"

In the past, Clare has offered homeless people a free haircut, shampoo and hot drink; and free haircuts for disadvantaged children. 

This year, she wanted everyone to be in with the chance to benefit from her giveaway. 

That's why each night she chooses a random house to post through a voucher for a free pamper service. 

She continued: "I go onto the maps, shut my eyes, move my finger around and pick an address that way.

"I've given back to the homeless, I've given to vulnerable children in the community and surrounding areas.

"So I just thought, what can I do and I came up with the advent door giveaway and I thought that makes it fair because then everybody that's helped to support my business is in with the chance of getting something back."

Central Fife Times: Clare is once again giving back to her community.

As well as posting the voucher each night, Clare has also committed to helping Fife Gingerbread this year. 

"I'm also going to be working alongside Fife Gingerbread as well," she said. "I'm just offering my services to children in need and vulnerable children, free of charge in the run-up to Christmas."

When asked why she continues to give so much back to the community at this time, Clare said that she is a big advocate for mental health. 

Going out, getting your hair cut and getting some good company is a luxury that so many won't be able to afford this year, but Clare wants to make sure that as many people as possible get the opportunity to treat themselves this festive season. 

She added: "It is a luxury and the way the times are right now, we're living in such uncertain times, so getting your hair done can sometimes be put on the back burner. You kind of forget about yourself.

"Just giving something back to somebody that's maybe not got that extra cash to get their hair done, it just helps a bit. 

"I'm all for mental health, I'll give anybody my last, I like to paint smiles and I like to make people feel that little bit better, so if I can make one person smile before I go to my bed at night, then that makes me a happier person."