A WATER expert is calling on the public to get their homes prepared for winter to avoid burst pipes and irreparable damage during Scotland’s coldest months.

With the Met Office reporting temperatures as low as -8c in Fife last winter, Scottish Water has launched its ‘Be Winter Wise’ campaign, sharing simple steps to save water, save money and protect homes.

In 2022 the public body reported a surge in burst pipes due to rapid thaw, resulting in millions of pounds worth of damage and an additional 250 million litres of water a day pumped into the network.

Brian Lironi, Director of Corporate Affairs at Scottish Water, said: “If last winter is anything to go by, homeowners, landlords and businesses around the country need to take early action to protect their properties and their pockets this year.

“Something as simple as insulating pipes can have a positive impact on safeguarding homes and workplaces. And reducing the amount of hot water you use, like taking two minutes off your shower, can also help save money too.

“We’re hoping the launch of our six crucial tips and tricks will put Scotland’s properties in a better place as the days get considerably colder.”

Central Fife Times:

Scottish Water's top tips to help the public prepare for sub-zero temperatures are:

1 Protect your pipes – Insulating pipes and water tanks is one of the simplest and cheapest things that can be done to help protect properties from the cold.

2 Locate your stop valve – If pipes do freeze or burst, you must find and turn off your stop valve immediately. It is often under a sink or near the hot water system.

3 Warm yourself, not the room – Stay cosy with hot water bottles and drinks, but only boil what you need.

4 Save on energy bills – Shorter showers can reduce energy bills and save water.

5 Avoid blocks and floods – But don’t pour fats, oils or grease down the sink, when they cool, they congeal and cause blockages in your pipes, which could lead to flooding.

6 Save water and money – Using a dishwasher or washing machine on its eco setting can save you money on energy and save water.

Brian added: “We want everyone to be as prepared as possible to minimise winter’s impact. We want to work with our customers – whether they’re householders or businesses - to ensure we are all ready for cold weather.”

Visit www.scottishwater.co.uk/winter for further advice.